Sunday, May 18, 2008


'How is Sir Diddy getting on in the private sector' we hear you ask?
It's obviously not as fertile ground for blackmail, bullying and ripping-off public money as Liverpool city council was.
But, according to the latest accounts filed for the misbegotten David Henshaw Partnership (Sir Diddy and his gullible missus, Lady Alison), its far easier than trying to clear up the godawful mess which Henshaw left behind him in Liverpool.
We can reveal that according to Companies House records, greedy Sir Diddy had chalked up a whacking £173,025 at the end of the last financial year.
That was made up of £113,242 in the bank (he has obviously now spent half of the £250,000 he blackmailed out of Liverpool) and another £59,783 that was 'due' to him in fees, etc.
This does not include, of course, the £60,000-a-year Sir Diddy pockets for being Chair of the North West Regional Health Authority - a role which 25 Labour MP's angrily opposed.
So he is still pocketing a quarter of a million a year - enough to keep him in cuban-heeled shoes for a while and lots of nice lunches.
But the crooked little bastard, who has now been condemned to a life of obscurity, also claimed that his 'Partnership' had debts of £165,261 - leaving him with just £7,764 profit.
Ah, diddums for Sir Diddy.
His 'debts' are another tax fiddle to avoid the Inland Revenue coming after him and will probably include the little Welcher's mortgages on his Manchester penthouse and new home at:
Cae Glas Lon Cae Glas
Lanbedr Dyffryn Clywd
LL15 1US.
After more accountancy jiggery pokery, it finally emerges that the David Henshaw Partnership made £8,882 profit.
So he's still laughing all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


ONCE he strode the world like a collossus, carrying all before him.

Crowds lined the streets, open mouthed as his chauffeur-driven Jaguar sped by.

He rubbed shoulders with the great and the good, courted the glitteratti and enjoyed luxury holidays in the sun.

Some critiscised his love of the high life, his ego and his fondness for a quick and easy headline.

Even the press seemed in thrall to him.

But today, dear readers, we have witnessed the end of an error.

Sir David Henshaw has finally departed Liverpool, leaving his house at 9 Barkhill Road, Aigburth like a thief in the night.

All that is left to remind us of his evil reign of terror is an empty safe left in the attic and a huge pile of unused rubber heels found beneath the floorboards.

Sir Diddy's huge cheese plant - appropriately presented to him by an obsequious former colleague - lies forlorn and forgotten in the corner of an empty downstairs room.

His new oak and granite kitchen, paid for with his £16,000-a year expense account, is deserted. No sign of any humble pie here - of course, the beans had been spilt a long time before.

His favourite desk plaque, which he had brought from his office in the Municipal Buildings when he had been forced out, has been left discarded on the bare floor. "Sack someone today" it proclaims, underlining Sir Diddy's crude and humourless management style.

On the floor behind the letter box lies only a pile of discarded junk mail - offering homes abroad, offshore bank accounts and tax evasion strategies.

The only clue to Sir Diddy's fate is a £12,000-a-year council computer screen still left switched on. Frozen forever, for all to see, is an image of Kirk Douglas with arm raised aloft in triumph.

Neighbours were today mystified by Sir Diddy's sudden disappearance.

"We don't know where the little bastard has gone," said one neighbour, "we heard some strange sounds - like a huge pile of coins being counted - in the middle of the night and in the morning, the house was empty.

"We never liked him - he was a sanctimonious, evil little shit with a massive ego."

But official sources in the city say Henshaw has finally departed Liverpool for pastures new in mid-Wales and his luxury apartment in Manchester city centre.

"His name will be forever mud in Liverpool, "said one member of the great and the good. "No one has a good word to say about him any more - everyone knows that he was bad news for Liverpool. The evil cabal blog did him in, good style - and deservedly so."

A few miles away in a safe house, surrounded by laughing and excited friends and relatives, Tony Parrish sipped his champagne. And smiled contentedly.

Friday, June 15, 2007


THE law-breaking and disgraced chief executive, Sir David Henshaw is on the move again.

Readers will recall how Sir Diddy has put his house in Barkhill Road, Aigburth up for sale, (on the quiet, ed) and has already parted with some of his blackmailed cash to buy a luxury penthouse in Manchester.

Now we hear he has bought yet another isolated holiday home in Wales, where he can hide away and try to avoid bumping into anyone from Liverpool .

We think his new far from humble abode is in Cardigan (actually, we have forgotten exactly where it was, ed) - but whether he plans to keep his former holiday home in Harlech, we have not yet discovered.

Anyway, exactly where council taxpayers money has been squandered is one thing. Another thing is crystal clear - the dread knight is turning out to be a proper little welsher, isnt he?

And there is more.

Sir Diddy has apparently been complaining bitterly to that August journal, the Liverpool Echo that they have printed details both about his holiday home in Harlech and his recent efforts at entrepreneurship - using the £340,000 he blackmailed from Liverpool to create the David Henshaw Partnership (it's still only him and his missus, btw, ed).

He rang the Echo up to rant and rave about his privacy being invaded, complain that he was being victimised (cheeky bastard, ed) and singling out that legendary Liverpool solicitor of this parish, Prof Rex Makin, for particular complaint (keep it up, Rex! ed)

Sir Diddy also repeated several times during his rant that he was "not bothered about the blog, not bothered about the blog, not bothered about the blog" - repetition is a verbal tic of his which always means that he is lying.

(Repeating the same phrase is a familiar habit of people who are trying to persuade themselves that what they are saying is true, comments a resident psycho-analyst).

Another well-informed local journalist who has observed Sir Diddy's lonely lounging about down Aigburth way has opined: "he's obviously not a happy man."

News of which makes us very happy, indeed.

Monday, May 28, 2007


SIR David Henshaw is the 'star' of a rather amateurish new video put out by the North West Regional Health Authority.
You can view Sir Diddy's excruciating film debut here Henshaw the hypocrite
It is remarkable however, that Sir Diddy's four-minute exhortation to the people of the North West to lead healthier lives fails to draw attention to the biggest single cause of their ill-health.
Which is.....POVERTY.
Understandably, the greedy little man who personally stole £360,000 from the people of Liverpool, did not dare to point this out.
That would be too embarassing, even for him.
Talking about other people's lack of wealth, which is in such stark contrast to the huge personal fortune which he has amassed from the public purse, would of course, only lay him open to the charge of hypocrisy.
Of which he is guilty (by the bucketload, ed)
So the fuzz free Sir Diddy, (who, incidentally, is clinically obese - not a very good health example to give the public, ed) prefers to stay silent in the video on the causes of ill-health amongst the population.
Instead he repeatedly fluffs his lines, (he seems to still be suffering from those worrying mouth ulcers which distinguished his garbled utterances at Liverpool) and trots out the usual meaningless platitudes which he also developed at Liverpool.
"Our aim is to be a world leading council " (substitute regional health authority/Child Support Agency/local radio station/next job his mates give him), etc, etc.
Henshaw has also done more to personally threaten people's health throughout his career of bullying, intimidation and victimisation.
What anyone unfortunate enough to watch this nastly little video (cost? ed) must remember is this: Henshaw does not give a toss about other people, or their health.
His only concern is his own personal position (and always has been, ed)
Henshaw the hypocrite will mouth the new Labour buzz phrases to ingratiate himself with ministers and their sycophantic flunkeys in the Department of Health.
But he doesn't believe a word of it.
He only believes in himself.
And how much money he can screw out of people and public services.
You have been warned...

Friday, May 18, 2007


Resident said...
Thought you would like to know that Henshaw has virtually ceased living at Barkhill Road in Aigburth, which is uo for sale, although there is no sign up. Henshaw is also now spending much of his time at a luxury penthouse apartment in Manchester, which is where Mrs Henshaw also works. So they seem to be moving cities. Watch out Mancs!
Friday, May 18, 2007 12:02:00 AM

re: Sir David Henshaw

Friday, May 11, 2007




Sir David Henshaw

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Watchdog begins inquiry into council chief's £130,000 pay-off

SCOTLAND'S public spending watchdog has confirmed it has launched an investigation into the controversial redundancy and pension payment deal given to a senior council official. (not Henshaw, ed)
Audit Scotland is to study details of the £130,000 payment made to John Lindsay, the departing chief executive of East Lothian Council, on top of a £200,000 pension package.
The payments, which were agreed by the Labour-controlled council, prompted complaints to the Accounts Commission - the statutory body that oversees local government - because Mr Lindsay himself recommended the redundancy plan to the authority. (just like Sir Diddy, ed)
Until now, Audit Scotland, which examines councils' finances on behalf of the commission, had not made clear how seriously it would take complaints about East Lothian.
But Caroline Gardner, the deputy auditor general and controller of audit, has now said there was no doubt it had the powers to investigate, even if there had been no complaint. (funny that our District Auditor thought the Henshaw deal was all fine. But then he is a mate of Hasitall's, ed)
She said: "To clarify, the Accounts Commission and Audit Scotland are able to look at any matters which may seem relevant to the audit.
"There is no need to wait for a complaint to be received, and we are currently investigating the situation at East Lothian Council."
A spokeswoman for Audit Scotland said that investigations would be part of the annual audit of the local authority and the watchdog would also look at whether the deal provided good value for council tax payers' money.
However, the results of the investigation will not emerge until well after next week's local government elections, when most of the councillors responsible will have stood down, many with pay-offs funded by council tax payer.

Sir David Henshaw

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Prime Minister IS being asked to sack Sir David Henshaw as Chair of the North West Regional Health Authority.
And here is the proof....

From : 10 Downing Street
Sent : 11 April 2007 15:14:46

To :
Subject : Your petition t
o the Prime Minister has been approved

Your petition has been approved by the Number 10 web team, and is now available on the Number 10 website at the following address:

Your pe
tition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to remove Sir David Henshaw as Chair of the North West Strategic Regional Health Authority

Thanks for submitting your petition.

-- the ePetitions team----

Thank YOU, Tony, (pictured above, with halo and describing what he would like to do with Henshaw's balls, ed)
So our last post got it wrong (alright, that's enough humble pie, ed) - there now exists a very public Number 10 petition calling for Henshaw to be sacked.
And you have t
he next six months to sign it! Click on this link PETITION TO GET RID OF HENSHAW
We are under no illusions about what will happen when the petition closes in October.
Prime Minister Brown/Miliband's cards have already been well and truly marked about Sir Diddy thanks to some excellent briefing by Labour MPs,.
However, he will nevertheless publically say he can't interfere and Henshaw's appointment was made by some mysterious non-political cabal of the great and the good.
The new PM might even splutter that Sir Diddy is an upstanding public servant - we have come to expect that sort of ill-informed and misplaced judgement from politicians who should know better (Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton, MP, for example, ed)
And greedy Sir Diddy will continue to live richly off the public money he has stolen.

So if nothing will happen to greedy Sir Diddy, why have we posted this petition on the Number 10 web site?
To expose Henshaw to as big an audience as possible.
To make him squirm with humiliation, irritation and embarrassment.
And to ensure that he now knows he cannot get away with treating people the way he did in Liverpool, without personal repercussions on his own head (which will continue, ed)
It is this public exposure to his peers which hurts Henshaw most.
It doesn't matter whether just one person or one hundred sign the petition (but we would like as many people as possible to do so, ed).
The very fact that the petition exists on the Downing Street web site is enough to damage Henshaw.
Enough to make him think twice in future.
Enough to strike a blow for truth, justice and democracy.

And enough to bring another moral victory for the legendary Tony Parrish.
(Now, what are we gonna do about that bastard, McElhinney? ed)

Sir David Henshaw
Dr David McElhinney

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Councils hide top salaries

By Robert Watts,
Sunday Telegraph
Council bosses are going to extraordinary lengths to keep their salaries secret - even claiming their children will be bullied at school if the six-figure sums are made public.
The excuse is being used by local authorities to keep taxpayers in the dark about executive pay rises at a time when council tax bills have risen by up to 12 per cent a year.
Disclosing the names and pay of top earners would "prejudice an individual's spouse and children", leaving them "vulnerable to approaches from aggrieved people who perceive their level of payment to be a waste of public money", according to one local authority.
Publication could be viewed as an "invasion of privacy" under the European Convention on Human Rights, according to Hampshire County Council. A spokesman said employees' children could be subjected to playground bullying.
Corin Taylor, the head of research at the pressure group TaxPayers' Alliance, said councils should be made to publish precise pay data. All public companies, government departments and quangos have to reveal the names and salaries of top earners.
However, councils are required only to publish tables listing how many are paid in each £10,000 salary bracket.
Mr Taylor said: "The secrecy of councils like Hampshire is clearly an affront to democracy."
The Alliance asked 200 of Britain's 500 councils for the names and salaries of staff paid more than £100,000; 30 failed to disclose this data.
The best-paid official in local government last year was the head of Liverpool City Council, Sir David Henshaw. In his final year in office, he was paid more than £360,000.