Friday, June 15, 2007


THE law-breaking and disgraced chief executive, Sir David Henshaw is on the move again.

Readers will recall how Sir Diddy has put his house in Barkhill Road, Aigburth up for sale, (on the quiet, ed) and has already parted with some of his blackmailed cash to buy a luxury penthouse in Manchester.

Now we hear he has bought yet another isolated holiday home in Wales, where he can hide away and try to avoid bumping into anyone from Liverpool .

We think his new far from humble abode is in Cardigan (actually, we have forgotten exactly where it was, ed) - but whether he plans to keep his former holiday home in Harlech, we have not yet discovered.

Anyway, exactly where council taxpayers money has been squandered is one thing. Another thing is crystal clear - the dread knight is turning out to be a proper little welsher, isnt he?

And there is more.

Sir Diddy has apparently been complaining bitterly to that August journal, the Liverpool Echo that they have printed details both about his holiday home in Harlech and his recent efforts at entrepreneurship - using the £340,000 he blackmailed from Liverpool to create the David Henshaw Partnership (it's still only him and his missus, btw, ed).

He rang the Echo up to rant and rave about his privacy being invaded, complain that he was being victimised (cheeky bastard, ed) and singling out that legendary Liverpool solicitor of this parish, Prof Rex Makin, for particular complaint (keep it up, Rex! ed)

Sir Diddy also repeated several times during his rant that he was "not bothered about the blog, not bothered about the blog, not bothered about the blog" - repetition is a verbal tic of his which always means that he is lying.

(Repeating the same phrase is a familiar habit of people who are trying to persuade themselves that what they are saying is true, comments a resident psycho-analyst).

Another well-informed local journalist who has observed Sir Diddy's lonely lounging about down Aigburth way has opined: "he's obviously not a happy man."

News of which makes us very happy, indeed.


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Tony - wheres the Liverpool Subculture site gone? Seems to be off line.

Sir Nigel Ponsonby-Smallpiece QC said...

We represent our client Professor Y. Chucklebutty. It would appear that as a noted expert on the modern impact of the cuban heel in the social, economic and cultural development of North Western Jam Mining Areas it is essential that our client accesses the very underbelly of thought, indeed the sub-culture. however it seems that like the snub to Sir Rex of Hesperra, that our client is not invited. rather he is met with a terse message from Sir Peregrine Google informing him that he is not invited and therefore is unable to comment or conduct research other then through this limited saved sub-section detailing the life and times of Mr Toad and his unhappy spawn. Is there something of which my client should be informed in order to continue his pontifications? i.e. Whats with the invite only?

Stanford88 said...

let us know you are ok