Monday, May 28, 2007


SIR David Henshaw is the 'star' of a rather amateurish new video put out by the North West Regional Health Authority.
You can view Sir Diddy's excruciating film debut here Henshaw the hypocrite
It is remarkable however, that Sir Diddy's four-minute exhortation to the people of the North West to lead healthier lives fails to draw attention to the biggest single cause of their ill-health.
Which is.....POVERTY.
Understandably, the greedy little man who personally stole £360,000 from the people of Liverpool, did not dare to point this out.
That would be too embarassing, even for him.
Talking about other people's lack of wealth, which is in such stark contrast to the huge personal fortune which he has amassed from the public purse, would of course, only lay him open to the charge of hypocrisy.
Of which he is guilty (by the bucketload, ed)
So the fuzz free Sir Diddy, (who, incidentally, is clinically obese - not a very good health example to give the public, ed) prefers to stay silent in the video on the causes of ill-health amongst the population.
Instead he repeatedly fluffs his lines, (he seems to still be suffering from those worrying mouth ulcers which distinguished his garbled utterances at Liverpool) and trots out the usual meaningless platitudes which he also developed at Liverpool.
"Our aim is to be a world leading council " (substitute regional health authority/Child Support Agency/local radio station/next job his mates give him), etc, etc.
Henshaw has also done more to personally threaten people's health throughout his career of bullying, intimidation and victimisation.
What anyone unfortunate enough to watch this nastly little video (cost? ed) must remember is this: Henshaw does not give a toss about other people, or their health.
His only concern is his own personal position (and always has been, ed)
Henshaw the hypocrite will mouth the new Labour buzz phrases to ingratiate himself with ministers and their sycophantic flunkeys in the Department of Health.
But he doesn't believe a word of it.
He only believes in himself.
And how much money he can screw out of people and public services.
You have been warned...


Tori Blare said...


Help me Jesus Help me, don't show such horror films again Mr Parrish!
I wonder if Jane Kennedy has seen this?

the kensington Floating voter said...

the video wont play, I smell a rat...henshaw's censorship!

Tom said...

Henshaw's a cheeky little bastard, isn't he?

fascinated said...

Heres an interesting comment posted on the Becker-Posner Blog

Corruption is motivated by the same force as most crime: greed. People with power abuse that power to extract illegal gains for themselves. It's no different, really, than embezzlement, insider trading, Enron-style accounting tricks, or any other sort of white collar crime. The corrupt official uses his position to exact a premium from the "customer."

I agree with Posner that a weak rule of law leads to corruption, because the corrupt official has nothing to fear. Similarly, a weak SEC leads to insider trading, and a weak police force leads to rampant street crime. If the criminal perceives little chance of getting caught, there is little incentive to refrain from crime.

Corruption has nothing to do with markets or with "excessive" gov't regulation. Nor does it have anything to do with the party in power. Both Republicans and Democrats have been guilty of corruption, and good prosecutors of both parties have zealously pursued corruption. Some state prosecutors have been even more zealous than federal prosecutors. For instance, Eliot Spitzer of New York has cracked down on corrpution on Wall Street, while the Republicans in Washington have largely looked the other way.

Barack Obama said...

errr, i think i agree with all of that. This blog is getting bloody transatlantic now - hope our american cousins spread the word about the evil cabalists all over the states. God knows the forces of good in America could do with some help against the evil tyranny that has been perpetrated on the US in recent years.

Anonymous said...

Can we just keep this simple, people? Henshaw is a greedy little shit. That's it.

Anonymous said...

My God! What a horrible sanctimonious, shameless little turd he is!

Anonymous said...

Watched it. Some of it's bollocks, the rest is complete bollocks. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is far far from being a victimless crime as well - we all suffer ultimately

Stori Blare said...

Did anyone see Henny on BBC local news yesterday? afternoon version with Gordon Burns?
It has dissappeared off the web page?
Henny reckons wages are nothing to do with him and that they need all the savings 160million or something like that, he needs that for emergencies!
I'm even more scared of getting old now!
No home helps no nurses, no midwives, no doctors no......

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Tony Parrish47 said...

Yet another first class contribution from the great and learned Professor