Sunday, May 18, 2008


'How is Sir Diddy getting on in the private sector' we hear you ask?
It's obviously not as fertile ground for blackmail, bullying and ripping-off public money as Liverpool city council was.
But, according to the latest accounts filed for the misbegotten David Henshaw Partnership (Sir Diddy and his gullible missus, Lady Alison), its far easier than trying to clear up the godawful mess which Henshaw left behind him in Liverpool.
We can reveal that according to Companies House records, greedy Sir Diddy had chalked up a whacking £173,025 at the end of the last financial year.
That was made up of £113,242 in the bank (he has obviously now spent half of the £250,000 he blackmailed out of Liverpool) and another £59,783 that was 'due' to him in fees, etc.
This does not include, of course, the £60,000-a-year Sir Diddy pockets for being Chair of the North West Regional Health Authority - a role which 25 Labour MP's angrily opposed.
So he is still pocketing a quarter of a million a year - enough to keep him in cuban-heeled shoes for a while and lots of nice lunches.
But the crooked little bastard, who has now been condemned to a life of obscurity, also claimed that his 'Partnership' had debts of £165,261 - leaving him with just £7,764 profit.
Ah, diddums for Sir Diddy.
His 'debts' are another tax fiddle to avoid the Inland Revenue coming after him and will probably include the little Welcher's mortgages on his Manchester penthouse and new home at:
Cae Glas Lon Cae Glas
Lanbedr Dyffryn Clywd
LL15 1US.
After more accountancy jiggery pokery, it finally emerges that the David Henshaw Partnership made £8,882 profit.
So he's still laughing all the way to the bank.


Anonymous said...

A new Evil Lair !

Gwynith said...

I've just recovered from foot and mouth, well my cows have anyway, then this little shit moves into my Town of Ruthin! I just cannot take anymore natural disasters.
I'm off to pastures new and green.
I've heard a little town called Norris Green is ideal for my fat cows?
Is there a by-law or something that prevents anyone below the height of 2 foot 4 inches from moving into a decent community such as mine?

Please help!

R. Stilgoe said...

evil lair is of course an anagram of Vile Liar. Sir David Henshaw is an anagram of Wee sordid shit
Well ok but it should be.

Anonymous said...

I really must remember that getting a pygmy camera man for these shots really does work wonders for these photos